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What Is This Book All About?

Dads, this is just what you’ve been waiting for!

In a delightful spin on the parenting paradox most moms and dads experience, #DadLife takes on an oft-overlooked subject— the #DadLife. Honing in on his experiences as a dad, Chris takes his compadres through missteps and miracles, challenges, hard-earned and laugh-out-loud lessons and heart-rending and transformative experiences, all through the lens of a loving, flawed and dedicated Dad.

  • Part guidebook.
  • Part storybook.

#DadLife fuses memoir with practical steps.

#DadLife is the answer to your most ordinary and extraordinary questions about how to be the most effective and loving Dad you can be, all the while letting you know you’re not alone in your often uphill battle.

So. Get a read-on. There’s no time to waste.

The time to start living a fulfilling #DadLife is NOW.